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What's Poppin'! Gourmet Popcorn Company

who are we?

Imagine a popcorn kernel; small, almost too tiny to see. But what’s yet to come is much more, please believe. We start with these kernels, so modest and round, through pressure and heat the result is profound.  Once POPPED then we rock with the pots and the pans, til we’ve POPPED all we got with love and all by hand.

At What’s Poppin’!, we care for our corn. Each of our originally handcrafted flavors are made to satisfy your craving for savory gourmet popcorn. Our secret recipes are made with the finest ingredients, blended stovetop and cloaked over fluffy air-popped kernels. The process isn't complete without our “double-bake” method to seal in flavor and to ensure every bite is a crunchy delight.

Our signature Starting 5 flavors were created with you in mind and include an assortment that appeals to many taste buds. Whether you're a flavor fanatic or a simple snacker, What's Poppin’! has something just for you!


What’s Poppin’! strives to provide our loyal customers with the highest quality hand-crafted gourmet popcorn. We aim to serve our loyal clientele by combining this dedication to quality with a passion for service, delivering a truly unique popcorn experience from the very first bite.


  • Quality   
  • Consistency   
  • Passion   
  • Family  
  • Be Exceptional